Happy Anniversary to Us!

Last year around this time we were just getting things rolling.  We had done our first batch of baking and delivered our first round of product.  I was unsure of pretty much every step that I took.  My friends were getting bombarded with questions as I tried to find my way.  You know that quote about surrounding yourself with people that are smarter than you?  I do that.  

A special thanks to my husband that works a full week and then bakes with me when he comes home.  He has been my biggest cheerleader and I am so very thankful.  To my children,  thank you for eating a TON of granola and being patient with my absence and at times the absence of meals while I figured things out.  Thank you for labeling, dishwashing, packaging and accompanying me on many delivery treks.  Thank you for the advice and for the encouragement.  I love you all!

To my very large extended family:  thank you for your support, enthusiasm and feedback!  It's good to be a part of such a huge support network.

To Paul and Emily Salm that encouraged me to sell my product and were the initiators of this whole crazy thing.  Thanks for believing!  Emily your first text saying "You need to sell this, I can't stop eating it!" started the whole thing!

To my sister Jackie and her husband Jude that were instrumental in believing that "Carol's crack" was a business worth pursuing.  Thanks for the funny conversations and deliveries to Chicago!

To my hiking/snowshoeing women.  You are brilliant women and were so very important in this journey.  Every Wednesday you listened to me, answered questions, and your encouragement was unmatchable.  AND, you purchased and ate A LOT of granola!  Thank you!

To my good friend Jolynn.  Thank you for being so incredibly supportive and helpful.  You were there at every turn and so willing to help.  So thankful for you.

To Blake and Lauren Schar:  Thank you so much for the use of your kitchen during my time of transitioning to my own kitchen.  You were always so encouraging and always so helpful.  Thank you so much!

To this incredible Door County community:  I AM SO GRATEFUL TO LIVE HERE!  I have had people I barely knew give me words of encouragement.   The businesses that have carried my product have been so patient and so very kind as I learned the ropes.  I am not sure that I could have had as successful of a year if I had been in a different community.

To my customers:  WOW!  I can't believe how wonderful you have been to me.  Your messages and kind words have kept me pushing forward.  There have been days that I have nearly given up and it has been incredible how impeccably-timed your messages to me have been.

So, as you can see, I am so very grateful and feeling really good going into my second year.  Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY VERY FULL HEART! I hope you feel the LOVE!