It's Cherry Season in Door County!

Door County= cherries.   People travel for miles to come to Door County specifically during cherry season.  Tart beautiful, juicy, red cherries.  Cherry pie eating contests and cherry spitting contests.  Pick your own cherries, bring home a fresh pie.  And this year......take home a package of Cherry Almond Granola from Door County Love Artisan Granola!  We make our Cherry Almond granola with Door County cherries of course.  We work with the good people at Country Ovens in Forestville for our wonderful, chewy dried cherries.

This week we will also be celebrating the summer harvest with Lautenbach's Orchard Country in Fish Creek.  Saturday July 25 we will be setting up our tent on their grounds where you can sample and buy our granola.  There will be all kinds of festivities going on at Orchard Country as they launch the cherry season.  Join us for a very fun day!  Details at

Meanwhile, we've been doing a lot of baking.  Thanks to my wonderful husband and my children we are able to get a lot of bags pushed out each baking session.  The demand has increased over the busy vacation season but we are keeping up.  The kids are helping with labeling, stamping lot codes, weighing and packaging, as well as helping with the dish washing and cleaning up on baking days.  I am so thankful for their help and it feels right to have this as a full family affair.

Last Friday we baked up a small batch of Coffee my husband proclaimed "wow, that is REALLY good!"  It's my personal favorite but then again I will consume coffee in any form.  We also did a small batch using gluten free oats using my Maple Pecan recipe.  I have recently had more people request a gluten free version so we did it.  We do work in an environment where gluten is used on a regular basis so gluten is present while we bake.  However, we use a lot of care to make sure the contamination is the least possible.  We bake and package the gluten free first so that the chance of contamination from the regular oats is as minimal as possible.  My goal as our business grows is to make all of the granola flavors from organic gluten free oats.  As demand increases our ability to purchase large quantities of oats will allow us to purchase oats at a lesser cost point.    Currently we pay 3 x the price for gluten free oats because our volume isn't high enough to get the better price.  I imagine that by next summer we will have transitioned to use all gluten free oats!

It's a beautiful 80 degree day here in Door County.  I am so thankful to have been raised here but I am even more thankful to raise my children here.  I'm in love with Lake Michigan and all it has to offer.  The cherries hanging on the trees are stunning and beckon photographers to get the perfect shot.  The water beckons you to take a dip to cool off.  The vast amount of park land beckons you to get out and enjoy nature.  The land and water are  calling my name now.  Let's get out there and enjoy all Door County has to offer!