Organic Gluten Free Oats Coming Your Way!

I have had many requests for a Gluten Free Option of my granola.  After finding a reliable source, I tested it out in my kitchen.  My tasting team dubbed it a thumbs up!  Here we are ready to offer you a tasty treat for all of you gluten sufferers.  I'm sure some of you have pondered the question "It's oats, doesn't that make it gluten free?"  I had that very same question.  After much research I discovered that most oats are manufactured in the same facilities as gluten-laden grains.  So, this becomes a problem since gluten is still flying around in the air.   Not these oats though!  They are certified organic and gluten free!  My hope is that you will love it and have another option for your morning gluten free breakfast.  Gather your spoons and bowls and get ready.  A little bite of heaven is coming your way and it's called Original Granola 2.0 with Organic, Gluten Free Oats.